Specialities Construction For General Trading and constracting Company W.L.L

One of Specialties Group Holding Companies With a capital of 15 million dinars

About The Company

About The Company

pecialities Construction is one of Specialities Holding Group

General Director : Mubarak w. Al-Woqayan



The most prominent projects implemented by the company

the company implement alot of projects

Government Sector

Agancy of Public Tenders. - Kuwait Ports Authority. - Ministry of Health. - The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. - Environment Public Authority. - Public Authority for Industry. - Ministry of Interior - Ministry of Defense. - Kuwait National Guard. - Kuwait University. - Touristic Enterprises Company. - Zakat House. - Kuwait Oil Company.

International consulting offices

German Scher Loid - Halkro - Pentair

Private Sector

Kawthar Realestate Group. - Hussien Al-Qattan Co.. - Kuwait Investment Group. - AI-Ghanim International Co. - Dar Al-watan newspaper. - KMC (Kuwait Manager Company). - AL Nakheel Realestate Company. - Manazel Realestate Company.

Local consulting offices

PAN Arab Consultant Office. - Kuwaiti Engineer office. - Bureau Ventas Office. - Nizar ALangary Consultant Office. - Dar Mazen Al-Sanie Office. - OHA Consultant Office. - AI-Jazeera Consultant Engineering Office. - Dar Bu Khamseen for Consultant Engineering. - Al-Saiegh Office for consultant Engineering


Contact Us

Saturday to Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM


Amghara Industrial Area, Block 4, plot 173

Phone Number

+965 180-2550


Kuwait , Amghara Industrial Area, Block 4, plot 173

Specialities Company, Kuwait

Specialities Construction is one of Specialities Holding Group. We founded in 1999 as a construction department and appeared in the 1CTC" (Central Agency for Public Tenders) list of approved construction contractors for civil work as a category 4 in 2001. Asa result of a successful management. the department grew up to be the leading construction company with strategy to maximize and expend in the Gulf area while focusing upon local market opportunities. Now, the company is classified as 1st category for civil construction. 3. category for Roads work in the Central Agency for Public Tenders, and 3. category of electrical and HVAC works.